Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce


Upcoming MCCC Events 2017

Date Time Location
February 22 5.30-7.30pm BAH Motorplan
March 29 5.30-7.30pm BAH Total Travel WA
March 30 7.30-9.00am Business Breakfast #1, Peter Bowler, Business Foundations
March 30 5.45-8.30pm Young Professionals, Murdoch University –¬†Adam Mostogl
May 17 5.30-7.30pm BAH Latitude 34 Wine Co, Cockburn Central
May 31 4.00-8.00pm MCCC & City of Melville Business Forum
June 6 5.30-8.00pm Young Professionals, Murdoch Unversity – Marcus Stafford
June 28 5.30-7.30pm BAH City of Cockburn/Fremantle Football Club – Cockburn Arc
July 26 5.30-7.30pm BAH Banquet Dinner, TQR Applecross
August 15 7.00-9.00am Tender Right Business Breakfast, City of Cockburn
August 31 5.30-7.30pm BAH Melville Glades Golf Club
September 28 5.30-7.30pm BAH, TBC
October TBC 5.30-7.30pm MCCC AGM
October TBC TBC Business Connect Forum, City of Cockburn
October 26 7.30-9.00am Business Breakfast #3, City of Melville
November 11.00am-3.00pm Ladies Luncheon, venue TBC
December 5.00-7.00pm MCCC Christmas Function