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ADAPT provides a proven process to help SME Owners to build the leadership, culture, systems and habits needed to be a successful business.

ADAPT was founded from discoveries made building an SME (small to medium enterprise) called acQuire. acQuire was, at its peak, 135 people with seven offices in six countries. Both companies were founded by Bill Withers, a ‘tech entrepreneur’ with a passion for (among many other things) systems thinking and the importance of data-driven decision making.

Over the 22 years that Bill was the owner of acQuire, he encountered the many unique problems that SME businesses face. When he went out to find support to overcome them, he struggled. He found that most business advice in the market was geared towards larger ‘corporate’ organisations and nothing seemed to exist to support the growth and resilience of smaller businesses.

The advice was also disjointed; having a bias towards a specific part of the business without looking at the total system.

80% of people are employed in the SME sector – so why are they so underserved in our community?

So Bill began work to developing these capabilities himself inside acQuire, to such success that in 2012, he sold acQuire to bring these same capabilities to the rest of the SME sector in Australia.

Bill launched ADAPT in 2012 and has spent years working with the team to develop a framework, a platform, and a coach-led program that supports business owners to build solid foundations of a truly resilient business.

SME owners typically come to us with one of three goals:

1. They want their business to be self-sufficient so they have more freedom.
2. They want to sell their business or step out of day-to-day operations.
3. They want their business to grow beyond its current size.

Over the past 7 years, we’ve worked with SME owners to implement the ADAPT Framework in their business to achieve these goals. In this time we have perfected a unique, 18-month program that builds the strong foundations you need to make your business more resilient and less reliant on you. We call it the ADAPT Foundations Program.

ADAPT by Design is offering a free 90-minute Meet & Greet workshop with one of our accredited coaches to discover exactly how we can support you to build a truly resilient business.

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