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Bull Creek WA, Australia
17 Goddard Way Bull Creek Western Australia 6149 AU

My name is Brad Pitt, and I’m the owner of First Class Accounts Bull Creek. I have 20 years experience in accounting & finance, working with businesses big and small, including roles responsible for designing and implementing plans and actions that improve profitability and productivity throughout the business.

I’m experienced across a broad range of financial, accounting and management activities including compliance, process design and development, IT and manual systems improvements, customised reporting, cultural transformation, team leadership, staff development and business improvement initiatives. My goal is to work with passionate people, who are dedicated to their business, their team and exceeding their customer’s expectations.

My industry experience is extensive, including various farming operations, retail outlets, wholesale businesses, health services and new business start-ups. I enjoy working with a variety of businesses and pride myself on understanding, and buying into, the visions owners have for their businesses and assisting them in the journey to reaching their goals.

I’m committed to community ideals and love working for local businesses. Most people start their businesses because they are passionate about their product and services. However, after dealing with the daily business operations, they often have little time, or energy, left to deal with the administration and compliance requirements, including balancing the books and planning for the future. That’s why I started my bookkeeping practice, so I could help them, by doing what I’m good at – including, making system improvements, managing the bookkeeping, and reporting, and helping them action their business plan.