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Korekonnect specialises in leadership through team building and interactive play.

At Korekonnect we understand the connection of a person’s welfare and impact on productivity and safety in the workplace. We have devised a program which is about boosting your team’s culture through interactive play. This engaging experience aims at assisting your employees to feel connected, motivated and valued.

Your organisational culture can either be it’s greatest strength or most harmful weakness to the workplace environment. Having a mindset that focuses on self care can be a positive difference that contributes to improvement in your workplace culture.

The more playful and curious the mind is the more you absorb and retain. Encouraging to think and ask questions primes the mind to want to know the answer and it goes to work searching for those answers. The fundamental key to learning is physical interaction.

Learning through physical interaction versus traditional classroom learning has tremendous benefits. People retain only 6% to 8% in a classroom environment, 14% to 16% when notes are written (or typed) and 50% when we are physically involved.

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