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The mission of the Melville and Cockburn Chamber of Commerce is to encourage and foster business growth and development by facilitating and promoting events and activities to enhance business growth and encourage the development of the Melville and Cockburn district. Our focus is to:
  • Keep members informed on relevant legislative and economic changes.
  • Make representations on behalf of any individual member to the appropriate local, state and federal government representatives.
  • Promote business and social events via newsletter, bi weekly shout out, regular meetings and website opportunities.
  • Create new and exciting events that will endeavour to provide sales platforms for our members to promote business growth locally.
  • Work hand in hand with our members to create the optimum networking opportunities.
  • If you are interested in joining the MCCC, please refer to our Membership page for more details.

MCCC Constitution

Click here to download a PDF of the MCCC Constitution document – October 2021 (Current).