9/28 Peninsula Rd, Maylands WA, Australia
28 Peninsula Road Maylands Western Australia 6051 AU

I work at a digital marketing agency in Perth and I’ve also owned a business before, so I know what businesses need but also feel like I have a good insight into what marketing agencies can achieve, but that isn’t necessarily cost effective for a small business.

Combining those knowledge sets, I’m starting up some freelance work on the side to fill the gap in the services a digital marketing agency can offer for more affordable pricing. This is a side business for me and I’m not trying to make a living off of Furasta Digital, my goal is to help small businesses by working one on one to provide them with straightforward resources to grow their digital presence, at an affordable price point.

An agency will try to own every aspect of your digital marketing, and they will do an amazing job with it, but I want to give small business owners a chance to remove an expense by giving the right tools and education to effectively and confidently run quality their digital marketing. With all the time and enthusiasm in an owner’s hands, sometimes all you need is a helping hand to get moving.

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