Myaree WA, Australia
114 North Lake Road Myaree Western Australia 6154 AU

Jim’s Test & Tag Myaree (incorporating Jim’s Fire Safety) is a franchise operation under the Jim’s Group.

When it comes to our homes, offices, factories and elsewhere, safety is nothing to mess around with. Improper use of electricity has caused billions of dollars in damages and claimed many lives.

That’s where Jim’s Test & Tag Myaree comes in. The most powerful tool we have against electrical damages and faults is due diligence in inspecting, testing and tagging electrical equipment. Jim’s Test & Tag provides you with this and so much more.

Special offer for MCCC members: no obligation, no-cost review of business premises for; electrical appliances, RCD’s, fire safety equipment, exit & emergency lighting and first aid.

For more information contact Hayden Shenton on 0400174370 or

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