19 Craft Street, Canning Vale WA, Australia
19 Craft Street Canning Vale Western Australia 6155 AU

Stock Xchange is a stock management and products service company headquartered in Perth Western Australia. Forming part of the Rosjen Group, Stock Xchange was established in 2013 to enhance clients’ business endeavors by providing premium services and products throughout the globe in some of the most challenging regions.

Our end-to-end solutions move your business faster, more efficiently, more strategically. Furthermore, we have created robust business models, proprietary systems and patented solutions, which include suites of services from integrated Procurement, Warehousing, Transportation, Freight Management to Inventory and Stock Management.

Implementing business analytics and primed vigilance in sensing, responding and capitalizing on market characteristics, we orchestrate critical Manufacturing, Fulfillment and Service Returns business processes, dedicated to optimizing efficiency and performance value creation in all aspects of your supply chain.

We have also provide advanced solutions which enable securitization of inventory along the supply chain, creating a seamless and optimally efficient flow of capital and managed risk, to catalyze the growth of business potential in any market and environment.

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