Episode 1 – Our first guest is none other than Nina Hjortlund, Founding Director of Australia for Cedar Tanzania and Swahili Sensations.
Tune in to discover her inspiring journey, gain valuable advice, and get an exclusive peek into the world of Swahili Sensations.
Episode 2 – Join us in welcoming our second guest, Clarence Ling, Director of Marketlytics.

Clarence is a dynamic leader in the digital marketing world, known for his expertise in helping businesses harness the power of data-driven strategies to achieve their goals. Tune in to hear Clarence share insights on the latest marketing trends, effective strategies, and how Marketlytics is making a difference for businesses today.

Stay tuned for an inspiring conversation with Clarence Ling!


Episode 3 – Meet our wonderful second guest, Carmen Solorzano Director of SHEQ Management.
Tune in to discover her journey into Safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) management and how they support local businesses in staying compliant and finding practical solutions.