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MCCC Melville Business Awards

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Introducing the MCCC Business Awards

Proudly Supported by City Of Melville

Welcome to the MCCC Business Awards, proudly supported by City of Melville where we shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements and outstanding contributions of business owners within our vibrant community.

We believe in fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, and these awards are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our local entrepreneurs.

Entering the MCCC Business Awards is an opportunity to showcase your business to the community, gain recognition for your efforts, and propel your success to new heights. 

The entry process is simple, straightforward, and best of all, completely free. By participating, you not only elevate your own brand but also contribute to the collective prosperity of our community.

Award Categories

The MCCC Business Awards, supported by City of Melville recognise excellence across a range of categories, including →

Local Legend

Honouring business owners that have made a significant impact in the local community.

Criteria 1. Long-Term Community Impact: Demonstrate sustained and significant contributions to the local community over an extended period of time.

Criteria 2. Community Engagement: Showcase active engagement with the community through initiatives, events, or partnerships.

Criteria 3. Innovation and Adaptability: Highlight innovative approaches or adaptations contributing to long-term success and positive community impact.

Sustainability and Climate Action

Recognising efforts towards environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

Criteria 1. Environmental Practices: Outline efforts to reduce environmental impact, such as energy efficiency or waste reduction.

Criteria 2. Community Engagement: Show engagement on environmental issues or promotion of eco-conscious behaviour.

Criteria 3. Measurable Impact: Provide evidence of tangible results, such as reduced carbon footprint or improved environmental indicators.

Digital Pioneers

Celebrating innovation and excellence in digital technology and online presence.

Criteria 1. Online Presence: Showcase the quality and effectiveness of digital platforms and marketing strategies.

Criteria 2. Innovation in Technology: Highlight innovative uses of technology within business operations or customer interactions.

Criteria 3. Customer Engagement: Demonstrate how digital initiatives enhance customer engagement, satisfaction, or loyalty.

Accessibility Champion:

This award celebrates businesses that have actively improved accessibility for staff and/or customers, promoting inclusivity and diversity within our community.

Criteria 1. Inclusive Environment: Showcase efforts to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, including younger people, older people, and people with disabilities such as dementia.

Criteria 2. Accessibility Innovations: Highlight specific initiatives or accommodations implemented to improve accessibility, such as wheelchair ramps, language services, or LGBTQI+ inclusive practices, catering to a diverse range of needs.

Criteria 3. Positive Impact: Provide evidence of the positive impact these accessibility improvements have had on staff morale, customer satisfaction, and community engagement, fostering a culture of respect and inclusion for all.

Business Collaboration

Highlighting successful partnerships and collaborations within the business community.

Criteria 1. Partnership Success: Describe successful collaborations benefiting your business and the community.

Criteria 2. Mutual Benefit: Show mutual benefits for all involved parties, such as increased reach or shared resources.

Criteria 3. Innovation in Collaboration: Highlight innovative approaches or unique aspects of collaborative efforts.

Home Business

Recognising the ingenuity and success of businesses operating from home.

Criteria 1. Business Success: Showcase business growth, profitability, or customer satisfaction.

Criteria 2. Innovative Practices: Highlight innovative solutions to challenges or leveraging technology.

Criteria 3. Contribution to Community: Demonstrate positive contributions to the local community, economy, or social fabric.

Best Marketing Campaign

Recognising exceptional creativity and effectiveness in marketing strategies.

Criteria 1. Campaign Creativity: Showcase innovative and creative elements that made the campaign stand out.

Criteria 2. Effectiveness and Reach: Provide evidence of the campaign’s success through metrics like engagement, reach, and conversion rates.

Criteria 3. Impact on Business: Highlight the campaign’s contribution to business growth, brand awareness, or market positioning.


Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Celebrating outstanding young business leaders aged 30 and under who have demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurship and leadership.

Criteria 1. Entrepreneurial Vision: Describe the entrepreneur’s vision, goals, and strategic direction for their business.

Criteria 2. Business Success: Showcase achievements such as business growth, profitability, or market impact under their leadership.

Criteria 3. Leadership and Innovation: Highlight examples of innovative practices, leadership qualities, and contributions to industry or community, specifically noting the entrepreneur's age (30 years or under).


Eligibility and how to nominate

To be eligible for the MCCC Business Awards, your business must be based in City of Melville or operate within the City of Melville area. Members of MCCC are encouraged to apply, but you don’t have to be a member to apply. We believe in inclusivity and welcome the diverse contributions of our entire business community.

Nominating your business for the MCCC Business Awards is a breeze. Simply complete the straightforward nomination form below and submit it before the closing date. It’s that easy! Don’t miss this chance to showcase your business and join us in celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship in Melville.

Join us as a sponsor for the MCCC Business Awards and showcase your business to the vibrant Melville community. Sponsorship is open to both members and non-members of the Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce.

The 2024 MCCC Business Awards proudly supported by City of Melville celebrate the exceptional achievements of businesses in our region, recognising their contributions to the local economy and community. By sponsoring an award, your business will gain exposure and recognition throughout the entire awards process, from pre-event promotions to the awards ceremony and beyond.

Key Dates

Nominations Open

Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Nominations Close

Tuesday, 30 July 2024

Awards Ceremony

Saturday, 31 August 2024

The Raffles Hotel

Start Nominating Today!

Nomination Form | MCCC Business Awards

Nomination Form

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Please submit your completed application form by Tuesday, 30 July 2024. . This application form aims to streamline the process for small business owners in the region, allowing you to easily apply for the awards while providing essential information and addressing the selection criteria relevant to your chosen award category. We look forward to receiving your submissions and celebrating the outstanding achievements of our local business community!